Henry Fung

January 9, 2019

Artists - Music

Henry Fung has been playing erhu since he was 10 years old, practising up to 10 hrs a day until by the age of 17 he was proficient enough to join the Huang Kwong Chinese Orchestra.

At the age of 22, Henry gained qualified teacher status in Hong Kong. He then devoted his time to teaching and organising Chinese Music Clubs in schools and colleges throughout the country. During these years, Henry became increasingly involved in Cantonese Opera Clubs in Hong Kong, with the result that his style of playing became heavily influenced by the traditional Cantonese Style.

When Henry moved in UK in 1998, he worked in schools in Manchester, teaching workshops and giving Erhu demonstrations.

Henry is the Musical Director of the renowned Cantonese Opera Club in Manchester’s Chinatown. He has recently performed at Manchester Museum, Manchester Art Gallery and at The Bridgewater Hall as part of their Little Bite Music programme and is a regular performer at Manchester City Council’s Chinese New Year programme.

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