Qiang Di

January 9, 2019

Artists - Dance

Tai Chi is the treasure of Chinese martial arts. It unifies the both the channels and collaterals of the human body and the primal chaos theory of the masculine and feminine elements (Tai Chi Yin and Yang theory). This approach to Chinese medicine theory was created by grand Master Mr. Chen Wangting 400 years ago. It is now valued as one of the most beneficial approaches to health and wellbeing, as it involves many aerobic exercises as well as its standard poses.

Master Qiang Di is the 125h generation of a dynasty of Chen-style Tai Chi masters, closely related through ancestry to the grand Master Chen Zhenglei one of the original disciples of the art form.

Over past the 10 years, Master Di has taught Tai Chi at Primary schools, Secondary Schools, universities and in local communities throughout the UK.

Master Di owns the Zhizu Health Centre in central Manchester, which uses Tai Chi as a whole-body approach to health and fitness.

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